Grievance Policy

Grievance Policy & Procedure for Clients Served


A policy and procedure explaining the operation of grievances for clients served.


It is the policy of ProFamily, LLC to encourage and support the right of clients served to file a grievance when dissatisfied with services provided.

ProFamily, LLC will treat all clients we serve with dignity, respect, humility, and will honor client confidentiality unless disclosure is required through HIPPA compliance. ProFamily will provide all clients with a course of action for filing and addressing grievances in a respectful, timely, and impartial manner without fear of retribution.


Clients, interested family members, and/or other agencies served by ProFamily are requested to review the Client Rights and Responsibilities. The Client Rights and Responsibilities form will be provided to every client upon intake, along with a form for signature acknowledging receipt of form and understanding of Client Rights and Responsibilities.

Clients receiving services provided by ProFamily, LLC are encouraged to discuss any suggestions or concerns they have about their services at ProFamily, LLC, with their service provider and/or the service provider’s supervisor to seek resolution.

If the problem cannot be resolved as previously stated, the client should file a client grievance form at the ProFamily, LLC office or online at Click on the “For Our Clients” and click the link “to File a Formal Grievance”. These are the only ways to file a formal grievance with ProFamily, LLC. All grievances must be filed within 45 days of the incident or problem.

A letter will be sent to the person(s) the grievance was made against. The letter will be sent out upon receiving the grievance as soon as possible. Upon receipt of the letter, the person(s) has five (5) business days to respond. If no response is made the person(s) will be terminated. Copies of the grievance filed will also be sent along with the letter.

Upon receiving the filed grievance, the Director will send the client a letter indicating the grievance has been received. A letter with resolution of the grievance will be sent no later than fifteen (15) business days of the report. If a resolution cannot be reached in fifteen (15) business days a letter will be sent to the client explaining why and the steps being taken to do so. It is the responsibility of the Director to review all grievances. However in situations when the grievance is against the Director the Advisory Board will resolve the grievance. All persons filing a grievance have the right to be verbally heard by the Director or responsible party. Clients have the right to request another service provider from our agency or request to be referred to another agency if feel they uncomfortable with ProFamily, LLC providing services while resolution of a grievance is being completed.

All resolutions will be final.

•The Client Rights and Responsibilities and Grievance Policy and Procedures will be:
Available to all clients and legal guardians;
Signed and copied to client or legal guardian file and;
Displayed at the ProFamily, LLC office.


To file a grievance, click here.