After several years of working for ProFamily, Mr. Lyon purchased the company in 2007. He started working in this field at a small mental health facility called Cumberland Hall in Chattanooga, TN but quickly found a home with ProFamily and has remained here ever since. From 2003 until 2007 Mr. Lyon worked as an In-Home Clinician, providing therapeutic services to families involved heavily with Department of Familyand Children Services (GA) and Department of Children Services (TN) and became the primary assessor for families who have recently lost custody of their children.

As Director of the Agency, Mr. Lyon is responsible for a number of roles including most H.R. services, setting policies and procedures and engaging staff to become better trained and more proficient in their clinical and non-clinical skills

In addition to this, when Mr. Lyon took over the company it had only one primary “customer," DFCS. Mr. Lyon recognized that this was not a positive working model and began the process of moving toward Medicaid certification, which the agency now has. The agency provides a Medicaid service called Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) and works with families to keep children from being removed from the community when they have significant emotional or behavioral difficulties.

Mr. Lyon earned a Master’s in Professional Counseling from Lee University in Cleveland, TN in 2003. He also has a B.S. in Sociology from Lee University, attained in 2001. Additionally, Mr. Lyon is certified as a trainer for Right Response (a crisis prevention and therapeutic holds certification), CAFAS (Child and Adolescent Functioning Assessment Scale), and has been trained in Back to Basics and Advanced CCFA (Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment).

Mr. Lyon is also CEO and co-owner of Cornerstones Counseling, based in Cleveland, GA.

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